Corporate Event Shot List

Shot List ideas and examples for corporate events

Enhance brand visibility, engagement and create lasting impressions with event media.

Video Production & Photography For Corporate Events

Capturing video and photos at special events is crucial for business as it helps showcase brand presence, foster engagement and document important moments.

These visuals serve as valuable marketing assets, enabling companies to connect with their audience, highlight their products or services, and create lasting impressions that can drive business growth while strengthening relationships with clients and stakeholders.

So what should you capture? Here are some ideas to get you ready for your next event:

1.  Establishing Shots:
• Wide shots of the venue’s interior and exterior to set the scene.
• Event signage displaying the event name.

2.  Event Setup:
• Time-lapse of the event setup process, including stage assembly, booth setup and decoration.

3.  Crowd Shots:
• Shots of attendees moving through the event space.
• Close-up shots of individuals engaged in conversation or interacting with exhibits.

4.  Speaker Shots:
• Shots of speakers at the podium delivering presentations or keynotes.
• Close-ups of speakers' expressions and gestures to capture emotions and engagement.

5.  Audience Reactions:
• Reaction shots of the audience applauding, nodding or taking notes during presentations.
• Close-ups of audience members asking questions during Q&A sessions.

6.  Sponsor and Exhibitor Shots:
• Shots of sponsor booths and exhibitor displays showcasing products or services.
• Close-ups of sponsor logos and branded materials.

7.  Panel Discussions:
• Wide shots capturing the entire panel in discussion.
• Close-ups of panelists sharing insights and interacting with each other.

8.  Networking Moments:
• Shots of attendees having a conversation or shaking hands.
• Candid shots of networking interactions.
• Posed photos of small groups of attendees.

9.  Entertainment and Activities:
• Shots of entertainment performances, such as live music or displays.
• Close-ups of participants engaging in team-building activities or workshops.

10.  Event Conclusion:
• Wide shots of the crowd.
• Closing remarks by event organizers or speakers.

11.  B-Roll:
• Miscellaneous shots capturing event details such as signage, catering and branded materials.
• Time-lapse sequences showcasing the flow of the event.

12.  Testimonials/Q&A:
• Speak with attendees to learn more about their experience at the event.
• Capture soundbites from customers, clients and/or VIPs in attendance.

That’s a wrap. With this shot list you’ll be steps ahead when planning your next event.

Thank you for reading and best of luck with your event!

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