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We helped Bristol-Myers Squibb modernize and increase recruitment engagement.

the Story

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), a global biopharmaceutical company, provides qualified professionals a unique opportunity to gain invaluable learning and networking experience through their PharmD Fellowship Program. The Fellowship enhances pharmaceutical experience with valuable business knowledge all while preparing Fellows and Residents to become leaders in BMS medical and commercial organizations.

After years of uninspiring videos BMS was ready for a change. They needed something that was going to connect and catch the attention of recent graduates. Without a strong recruitment video BMS would risk losing out to its rivals in today's highly competitive talent market.

BMS approached us in search of a new concept that would highlight key aspects of the program, increase engagement and provide a real sense of what candidates could expect as part of the program — something they could see themselves being a part of.

In the past, recruitment videos featured a variety of stale interviews that weren't able to hold the viewers attention. To connect with candidates BMS needed an authentic, visual and relatable story — a video that would create a lasting impression.

To create that connection we focused the concept around actual Fellows and Alumni. Rather than being told about the program, candidates get to see and hear the real story firsthand from someone who's lived it.

Since it's premiere screening, the video has become a talking point receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from both stakeholders and fellowship candidates — helping BMS increase engagement and applications from highly qualified candidates throughout the recruitment process.

‍‍Silver Style
‍‍Silver Style
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"Silver Style is a brilliant collaborator throughout the entire creative process, dedicated to their craft and expertly translated our vision into a work of art. We are exceptionally proud of the final product, which accomplished everything we had hoped for."
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